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So you’ve taken the first step in learning barefoot deep tissue techniques with Barefoot basics. What’s next? Are you satisfied settling for “good enough” ashi skills? You think that since you’ve learned the basics you can watch a few Youtube videos, experiment on your clients and figure out the rest of it on your own, right? Truthfully we’ve all been there! Youtube wasn’t around when I learned 13 years ago but  I had been practicing 1 and 2 footed strokes almost exclusively for 2 years and thought I knew my stuff. I was BORN to ashi! 😉 But I needed more CE hours, figured I could use a trip out west to take an easy course and brush up on my ashi skills. Although I seriously doubted there was much more I could learn. Oh boy, was I wrong. Ruthie kicked my butt, AGAIN!

Did you know we…

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