Sometimes this time of year, we are scrambling to find the perfect gift for a friend, co-worker or loved one. With 8 children, a +1, a husband and parents that I shop for, finding the right size, color and style can be quite tricky. It can be frustrating when I put a great deal of thought into a gift only to have it not fit or not what the recipient likes.

And who wants to return a gift to the store in the days after Christmas or Hanukkah?

Enter  online shopping. Not only does it take the hassle out of sitting in traffic, trying to find a parking spot closer than a mile to the mall, but you can conveniently shop in between folding loads of laundry or in breaks at work. My husband and I had a shopping date the other day. We sat in our dining room with a laptop and an iPad, and were highly successful.

Massage GC


Why gift certificates are great:

  1. You don’t have to know the right size or style. Have a friend who loves to shop at Ulta but have no idea what hair or makeup stuff she’s craving? Boom! One gift certificate shows you know what she likes and what a great friend you are.
  2. It gives the recipient to purchase something that he or she may really want but can’t afford the whole amount. I personally love bags / purses. My husband thinks I have enough. But my camera bags aren’t girly enough, so I may have asked Mom to get me a gift certificate to a particular store I love. It won’t cover the cost of the bag, but it will put a lovely dent in it.
  3. Maybe your parents really love the ballet but feel like it’s too much of a splurge. Treat them to a show-they can pick the date and performance.
  4. A massage gift certificate is always the right size and color and shows the recipient that they need to take time for themselves. Many massage therapists sell gift certificates online–you can email it or print it and hand it out.  (And if they don’t want a massage, well, you can use it for yourself!)

There are great ways to make giving gift certificates super personal and thoughtful.

Do you give out gift certificates? Where are your favorite places?