If you’re a follower of Ashiatsu Deepfeet Bar Therapy, you’ll notice we have photos of our massage therapy students when they finish class. LOTS of photos.

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No, we’re not obsessed with showing our pretty little faces to the world. Our barefoot massage classes are small, limited to 8 students per class. We work together in teams, often trading massage partners in class to give therapists more bodies to work on. We work on them, they work on each other, guest clients, and they work on us.

It’s a pretty unique learning experience.

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We have therapists in all shapes and sizes, men and women, large and small. Different backgrounds and varying styles of massage, but we all come together for 2-4 days for one simple purpose: to extend careers, to save their bodies from harm and to give our clients the “deepest most luxurious massage on the planet”.

LexingtonClinton, CT

Some struggle, others catch on quickly. Most have frustrations because they’re not as good in class as they are with their hands. But the therapists come together and support each other. Often, long lasting relations are formed through these bonding experiences.

Toronto advancedCincinnati basics

So we love to capture the happiness on the last day of class when therapists have learned the joy of becoming an Ashiatsu Deepfeet  barefoot therapist! When will YOU join us in class?


Here is most of our awesome team of Ashiatsu Deepfeet Bar Therapy instructors at the AMTA convention. Instructors AMTA 2014