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”You’re still the one!”🎶

Ashiatsu class 2002
Ruthie Hardee and Ashiastu DeepFeet Bar Therapy® has been changing massage therapists’ lives since 1995. I was one of those therapists 13 years ago. I recently found this picture of my 1st ashiatsu class in 2002 with Ruthie and it took me down memory lane. I had been practicing massage for 10 years and my hands and arms were constantly hurting. I was waking up every morning with numb hands from performing hours and hours of deep tissue massage. Despite being petite in stature, it was my goal to provide the deepest massage I possibly could. And I did. Most clients were amazed at the pressure I could deliver but over time it started to wear out my body. Proper body mechanics can only go so far when you’re 90 pounds and 4’10 1/2″tall(yeah every 1/2 inch counts when you’re under 5 feet. 😉) I had even resulted to actually “walking” on a couple of clients backs. When I saw a full page ad of Ruthie doing Ashiatsu my “lightbulb” went off. That’s it! I was off to Denver, CO in a flash and it’s been a blast ever since!
I’ve been practicing massage now for 22 years and I’m still going strong. I can go deep all day long and not worry about wearing out my thumbs or arms going numb. Go ashi & thanks Ruthie!

🎶”You’re still the one!”🎶.via 🎶"You're still the one!"🎶.