I love watching an HGTV show “Best Bang for your Buck” where there are 3 home owners doing renovations and after the renovation, experts determine the value of each home, dramatically revealing whose remodeling choices were good investment decisions.  As massage therapists in today’s difficult economy, we are all looking for required CE courses that will give us the best bang for our hard earned buck!  Just this year, I scrambled at the last minute to find a few more CEs to fulfill my state licensure requirement. Not caring what it was really, I found one online for a whopping $65, reviewing the anatomy of the SI joint.  My basic requirement was that it was cheap.  That works for me sometimes. 

As an Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy®(AOBT) authorized instructor I find most of my students do not just stumble upon our class but come specifically to learn barefoot massage.  Being that our course is 25 hours, 3 days and costs $595, it tends to weed out the casual massage therapists just looking for quick, cheap and easy CE classes. So why take our course when you could find other providers out there “packaging” barefoot courses much cheaper and easier than ours? What does your $595 get you?

  • The “original”– First and foremost, we are the 1st original providers to be nationally approved in “barefoot bar massage” since 1995. No one else can say that!   
  • Longevity– Our company has been around since 1995, continues to grow and thrive, and our goal is to inspire longevity in the career of other massage therapists.
  • Personal training–We have a reputation for quality workshops with maximum size class of 8 therapists, attention to detail and personal attention even after the last day of class.
  • Flexibility–Nine authorized instructors across the US with classes posted a year inadvance.  
  •  Networking–Access to a dynamic website with a national directory of AOBT therapists (for those choosing to be listed), AOBT Blog, AOBT presence on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.
  •  Support group–Access to AOBT graduate corner, providing graduate services and additional networking opportunities.
  •  Credibility–We have over 3000 graduates of our program and over 40 spa and resort partners with trained staff in AOBT.     
  • National exposure–Over the years AOBT has been featured in over 12 prestigious publications in the industry.

 Sometimes cheap and easy is not always the way to go.  Our course is not short, nor is it easy and it is definitely not cheap but long after the last day of class is over, your $595 investment is still increasing in value.  Sometimes you get what you pay for and just sometimes you get more.  That’s a lot of bang!

Julie H. Marciniak, LMBT #2153 
AOBT Authorized Instructor and Certified Rolfer 
1921 North Pointe Drive Suite 400
Durham, NC  27705 
(919)215-8743 (cell)