Coming to Long Beach, California on Monday September 30th is the one and only Ruthie Hardee!

In her big main-stage presentation, Ruthie will share the benefits of offering barefoot massage, and how it can keep both clients and staff happy and healthy. Her presentation will help Spa, Resort and Clinic Directors worldwide understand the difference between “deep tissue” hand techniques commonly used in Swedish massage and the gliding, broad based strokes of gravity assisted barefoot compression. Offering the Ashiatsu barefoot massage is a great therapy to include in your spa treatments, as it reduces injuries and physical strain on therapists and delivers a more comfortable and soothing experience for clients.

Tell your friends, register for the ICE Show here, and don’t miss Ruthie’s presentation at 12:15 Monday afternoon!

The Founding Feet of Ashiatsu

Ruthie Hardee is the founder of Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy®. She created the first nationally approved course study for a western barefoot effleurage technique using bars on the ceiling. Hardee pioneered the gravity assisted barefoot-bar massage treatments used in the spa and massage industry today.





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