According to wikipedia, the expression “cold feet” means apprehension or doubt strong enough to prevent a planned course of action.


And if you are starting your ashiatsu sessions with cold feet – you can bet you’re causing some doubt and apprehension in your client with that initial contact!
It’s February in Michigan, and these snowy days filled with wind chills below zero are the perfect time to talk about some ways to warm our feet before an ashiatsu massage.   You don’t start a swedish massage with cold hands, right? It’s equally important (or more so, actually!) 

to have cozy soles for a heavenly massage experience for your client.

In our massage classes for Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy, we do add in some ways to warm those tootsies for the best massage.  Here’s just a sampling of some of the ideas we use and discuss in our ashiatsu training.


  • Microwavable slippers.
    These can be purchased online, or also many stores like Bed, Bath & Beyond.  There are many different styles – so here’s some tips: look for ones that have the heated part on the bottom of the foot.  A slipper style that is tighter fitting for walking is better than a loose booty style.  
    You can pop these in the microwave, or you can keep them in a hot towel cabi. (note: it’s not a good idea to keep them in a towel cabi where wet towels are also kept. But if you use your cabi for dry products, this can be a great choice.)
  • Hot stones.
    Do you have hot stones handy?  Place a couple of large stones on the floor, and rest your feet on them while seated on your stool and applying cream to the client’s back.

  • Warm herbal pillows, heating pads, hot water bottles, fomentek bags.
    These can also be placed at the head of the table for you to stand on while applying cream.  I’m a big fan of Mother Earth Pillows.  Not only to warm MY feet, but I also like to drape an herbal pillow over my client’s feet while I work on their back. YUM.  (Added in with stellar ashiatsu training – it’s a sure way to create an awesome experience that will make them not want to get a massage anywhere else, in my opinion!)

What ways do you like to warm your feet before ashiatsu sessions?


Cindy Iwlew has been an instructor in Michigan for
Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy since 2007.
She continues to operate her own private massage practice of 14years and also co-owns Bodywork Buddy Massage Software.
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