The BarefootBars are a hand crafted, hand sanded one of a kind product.

Combining amazing products with exceptional education that will last a lifetime has always been our company’s vision and goal. The bars are built of sturdy, solid, fine quality maple hardwood products.

It takes only one glance to know style and elegance when you see it. Presenting your barefoot skills in public should have the utmost professional exposure.

Why invest in the Ashiatsu Portable BarefootBars?

  • To have a traveling mobile office where ever you go. ASHIATSU on location, anytime, anywhere!!
  • 100% control of your Ashiatsu practice. No management restrictions or overhead bar installation.
  • Derive more income and exposure at concerts, sporting venues, health fairs, poolside, triathlons and more…
  • Ashiatsu BarefootBars ™ allow YOU to “Stand above the Rest”… literally.