Over the course of the years since Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy (AOBT) revolutionized barefoot bodywork with it’s unique approach and teaching techniques, our brand name has become tantamount with barefoot bar massage worldwide. Other groups have used the term “Ashiatsu” and derivatives of our name in a variety of ways, conscripting  themselves to the term that has become so popular. Whether this has been done unintentionally or with ill intentions, the public has often been confused with the similar names.
“…our brand name has become tantamount with barefoot bar massage worldwide.”


As our nationwide website www.Deepfeet.com has been THE well-known source that massage therapists have referred to for almost 2 decades, “Deepfeet” has been synonymous with barefoot bar massage across the massage therapy profession. As the pioneers behind westernized gliding barefoot massage on a massage table using overhead support – we are well known for the high quality in our technique, the attention to detail in our courses, and the excellence of our graduates. We’re also well known for having such a long name! 
“Deepfeet” has been synonymous with barefoot bar massage…”


So – to shorten it up a bit and to continue to best represent this growing massage phenomenon, our modality is subtly going through a name change to “Deepfeet Bar Therapy”, and will also be using the term “Ashiatsu BarefootBar” in ways to better describe our work.
Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy is now DeepFeet Bar Therapy!


Both the terms “Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy” and “Deepfeet Bar Therapy” can be used interchangeably, but we will be slowly transitioning to “Deepfeet Bar Therapy” as more time passes. As the terminology evolves, be assured that we are still the same group, still offering the same consistent material worldwide from our highly trained cerrtified instructors every month.


We hope this helps alleviate confusion. Change is never easy — we feel that, like “Google” or “iPad” and our previous name of “Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy”,   DeepFeet Bar Therapy will also become a term for who we are and what we do.
Here’s to happy feet and happy clients!


Ashiatsu Deepfeet Bar Therapy® is the leader in Continuing Education for Massage Therapists  nationwide. Our method of deep tissue barefoot Swedish massage using an over head support system has improved the quality of life for many massage therapists around the world. Learn more at www.deepfeet.com.