So you have come back from Barefoot Basics and you’re doing Ashi on all your clients and they love it!  Unlike those other Ashi copycats, you were smart enough to learn from the original source.  Once you get comfortable and are getting more confident with your strokes, you may start to experiment using both feet.  There are so many adverse effects of deep compression if done incorrectly; you should not compromise your clients’ safety and your massage practice by experimenting with two footed strokes.  Your practice is worth the extra time and investment knowing that you have been properly trained to safely deliver two footed strokes by an authorized instructor. Our guest clients have been receiving Ashi for several years and will give you invaluable feedback during your training and practical, as you learned in Barefoot Basics. 


If you missed taking anterior/side-lying with your BB class then now is the time to come and get it in my July class, right before the DF 2 class. I find it invaluable for treating certain muscle groups such as the latissimus, serratus and subscapularis.  Take just the 1 class or both! 


Deepfeet Two (DF2) advanced class is $595, 3 days, 25 CE’s.

                  July 19-21: 9am-6pm(space still available!)

                  October 18-20


 Anterior Side-lying (DF3) is $199, 1 day, 8 CE’s.

                  July 18 – 9am-6pm (space still available!

                  August 11


Call Julie @(919) 215-8743


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