Are you an AOBT Therapist who wants to take your massage out on the road? Many of our graduates with portable bars have been able to demonstrate their fancy footwork and massage back stage at concerts, out in the parks at city events, across town at various health fairs, and downtown at the Farmers Markets! It’s a great peice of equipment if you have Ashi on the go, and a fabulous marketing tool to jump start your Ashiatsu business! Measuring in at 73″ x 87″ x 7’8″, weighing 75 pounds, these beauties will fit in a 10/10 space, and even under a pop-up event tent! When you put them away, they only take up the space of a 8′ long ski bag – so prop them up in the corner during the week, and wheel them out for show each weekend!

We use the highest levels of craftsmanship in the design of our custom portable bar apparatus, using quality Baltic Birch plywood and Maple hardwood products. The unit is hand built and assembled, with custom lacquered finishes. The smooth, light maple wood makes this unit less than 75 pounds but for a free standing unit, it’s amazingly rigid enough for the safe application of Ashiatsu. Definitely a handsome and professional public presentation to exposure your business. To transport, the portable bars fold flat and fit easily inside a double-wide ski bag. Hot Tip: Find a ski bag with wheels to make traveling easy!
We do not recommend this apparatus to be used with a futon or floor mat. Our custom Hardee-Ashiatsu portable bar system is retrofitted to be used specifically with the Earthlite Spirit Table. We highly recommend that you don’t drill holes in your current massage table and assume they will fit the integrity of the Portable Bars. Our apparatus was designed to work with only the highest levels of craftsmanship and highest quality materials possible – so we recommend the 32″ Earthlite Spirit portable massage table to be used in conjunction with the portable bars. We feel the folks at Earthlite have spent decades perfecting the craft of the massage table; they use incredibly strong Maple Hardwood with Russian Birch plywood parts. The result is an amazingly strong and durable massage table that will last a lifetime. With solid corner block, stable endplates, and precision fit double knobbed legs, we know the Earthlite Spirit table will be a steady surface for Ashiatsu graduates to work on year after year!
For pricing infomormation on the portable bars, please visit http://www.DeepFeet.com.  The price of the Hardee-Ashiatsu Portable Bar System does not include the recommended Earthlite Spirit massage table, travel/storage case ski bag, shipping, packing/handling or state sales tax.  
Please check out this previous blog post from us regarding what to look for when purchasing used portable bars.
With any portable bar sets, whether new or used, Health and Bodyworks and its instructors accept no responsibility for issues resulting from attaching the portable bars to ANY table other than an Earthlite 32″ Spirit table. This is the recommended table for use with the portable bar system and should be the ONLY table people attach it to.
The intended use of the Hardee-Ashiatsu Portable Bar System was designed for therapists who have successfully completed the Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy® certification course.  We are happy to sell to those barefoot bodyworkers with proper training credentials; from educators we feel meet high standards in excellence. We reserve the right to refuse transact business with anyone we believe does not meet high standards.

Ashiatsu Deepfeet Bar Therapy® is the leader in Continuing Education for Massage Therapists  nationwide. Our method of deep tissue barefoot Swedish massage using an over head support system has improved the quality of life for many massage therapists around the world. Learn more at www.deepfeet.com.