Acknowledging the difference between the Ashi-Thai Home Study and Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy® live workshops.




We at Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy pride ourselves on a consistent quality product with national exposure and brand recognition in the Massage Therapy field. We were the first modality approved by the NCBTMB that uses overhead support while delivering a barefoot massage, and we continue to provide the leading barefoot massage training in the country.  It is essential to our founder Ruthie Hardee that the purity of this work and the high-quality teaching standards established for this curriculum are maintained. It is also essential that the safety standards are upheld consistently, that the safety awareness with regards to the dangerous possibilities of this gravity assisted massage is thoroughly understood. Not only can the clients easily be hurt, so can the therapists, the equipment, the modality and the entire massage profession as a result of negligence or irresponsibility. To provide the most detailed education for you, Ruthie’s training program for your instructors is intensely intended to elevate the modality by setting and upholding professional standards. We believe in LIVE training over online or video learning when it comes to techniques. You can easily verifiy the Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy approved & certified Associate Instructors at this link:


While the AOBT foundation strongly believes in the importance of live, hands on education with one of our authorized instructors, we also recognize the changing needs of today’s massage practitioner in our economy and digital society. Home Study continuing education has exploded but comes with many disadvantages & challenges. This company strongly believes if you want to learn a professional skill, then make the commitment to learn in person, in a hands on, live educational workshop environment.


To this day, our company has not seen a quality Home Study course in Ashiatsu Barefoot Bar Massage that is safe or professionally produced! The only reason we feel comfortable offering Ashi-Thai as a home study is because the application is completely different than barefoot Ashiatsu. Take a moment to realize that Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy involves gliding barefoot effleurage strokes and at times, using both feet with bodyweight on a well lubricated human body. Ashi-Thai does not. Ashiatsu can be an uncomfortable and harmful technique if studying on your own without some kind of support or supervised instruction. Ashi-Thai is more user friendly without having to hold weight up and off.


Do your research: If a distance learning DVD is NOT produced integrating effective design & graphic layout, top-notch visual aids, quality camera work, offering interactive online chat assistance and instruction, then save your money. Also, is the printed material time tested, case studied, truthful and constructed to achieve specific educational outcomes? We ask that you trust your resources and not settle for a no refund, self produced home video, teaching you that it’s perfectly okay to stand directly on someone’s body.


Another factor why we recommend a live workshop over home study is that the teaching, practice, and coaching aspects of Ashiatsu are equally important when the student receives Ashiatsu during the training. With the instructor present, the student can receive quality training as the instructor can observe the student in practice sessions and recommend improvements, modifications, and also validation. In class, we focus on body mechanics in class with special attention on how to manuever your entire body to deliver the stroke, not just your feet. How can that be done individually for your unique situation online, by video, or PDF?


Would you trust a nurse poking you with needles who got certified watching a video? Ouch! And what if that nursing degree diploma on the wall was bought via the internet? Are you okay with that?


In live workshops, multitude of questions that come up spontaneously during group practical’s can be answered right then and there. This usually leads to discussions that would not likely take place without an instructor present. This important aspect of the student/teacher relationship is not very well accomplished through the mail, email, or just seeing a video. Because of this, we recommend all therapist’s to approach home study courses be as an experimental or additional process to formal training, focusing more on theory than on physical application of a technique.


We know that interactive supervised webinars are the wave of the future and we are working hard to administer and achieve that goal. However, moving and gliding barefoot effleurage with combined bodyweight is a precarious subject. Performance-based assessments are difficult to administer in the cyber-environment. We hope to approach the distance learning challenges for Ashiatsu with passion and respect so that this beautiful modality maintains it’s trusted reputation.


Please research your Continuing Education with respect to yourself, your clients, your career and to the profession, and choose what is right based on your ethical values and learning style.

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