So you’ve got great Ashiatsu gig going on, and your clients love you. They swear you give a massage better than any other massage therapist in town. So why would you want to mess it up and change it a little?

Because you can stretch them out too! Many of my clients now receive Ashi-Thai stretches encorporated into their regular Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy session. Those who are in sports (or wannabees) can improve flexibility the easy way–let you do it! All stretches are done to the client’s comfort, so how much you Gumby-fy them is up to them!

Originally added to our program as a stand alone or add-on treatment, with the client fully clothed (no hassle–no oil, no undressing), many Ashi therapists are now carefully draping and adding in both anterior and posterior strokes during their AOBT session.

Here’s part of a review from a massage therapist client of mine:

“I have to say this was the best massage I have had and I am going to have to make the drive and put this down in my schedule for a regular part of a healthy life style. I had not idea how tight and tense I was and how much better I feel today after having received my massage with Ashi AND Thai all seamlessly put together.”


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