Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy workshops are fun and intimate.  A full class is only 8 therapists – 4 receiving and 4 working.  With a four to one student/teacher ratio, you’re sure to get tons of one-on-one attention from your instructor.

Each therapist in class will receive each stroke from the instructor, so they know exactly how this work feels before learning to do it themselves… great for kinesthetic learners!  The visual and auditory learners will get plenty of time too – as each stroke is demonstrated and explained thoroughly in class. 

Have you ever attended a continuing education workshop where you actually worked on your instructor?  As massage therapists, we know that how a massage looks and how it feels may be two completely different things.  In a Barefoot Basics workshop, you will actually get to deliver the strokes to your instructor so you can receive detailed feedback crucial to helping you grow into an excellent AOBT therapist.

Lastly, our workshops include a guest client practical.  That’s right – we bring in live bodies from the real world – who are NOT massage therapists – to perform an entire AOBT session on.  Many graduates report that this is one of their favorite parts of the workshop, as it’s a “real world” experience that is difficult to create in a workshop setting. 

All of the AOBT certified instructors are fun and down to earth.  We strive to create an enjoyable and relaxed learning environment where each therapist can discover the art of barefoot massage while having a great time!